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Two More Forests is an Architecture and Design Studio based in Athens, Greece.
We are a team of architects and designers that strive to create unique experiences within our built environment through spaces, objects and furniture. We are driven by the need to design efficiently and with the most up to date knowledge of modern practices and techniques, tailored to each projects demands. 
We base our work on design that compliments each projects' unique environment and natural way, sustainably through smart design and believes that all functional project management and development should be guided by environmentally conscious practices and choices. 

If you would like to discuss your project  you can reach us at
Tell us about your project! We would love to help you make it come to life!





Architecture & Design


If you have a project or a design in mind we are here to help discuss your ideas and make them happen




We take on projects from concept to implementation and create a portfolio of ideas tailored to your specific needs. 



We can design your ceiling, your floor, your terrace, your kitchen or any particular space as specific, stand-alone areas.  




We design anything from your sofa, your pendant light or your dining chairs according to your ideas and needs. We design and build these pieces and deliver them finished directly to you.  



We design your shelving unit, bedroom cupboards or even your drawer divisions according to your style and space. We offer both design and installation services for BUILT-IN furniture. 


Depending on which of the above services your project falls under, we generally  

follow this 6-step design process which spans over different time periods according the each projects' demands:

1. Project Presentation Meeting - This is when YOU tell us a little bit about your project and what you have in mind. The style, the space, the object and the general vibe. This can be done over zoom, phone or at our office. Then, unless it is very clear under which category of services your project lies, we take this information and assess our options for what we can offer and discuss with you in our following meeting. 


2. Client & TMF Meeting - This is when WE briefly present some initial ideas and the general concept we have in mind for your project either at our office in Athens or on Zoom. At this time we will also be able to provide a timeline and end-date of the project. 


3. TMF Proposal - Following our meeting and having established the general direction of your project, TMF will put together the first proposal that will define the development of your project. 


4. Design Development - having established your concept and direction, the development of the design of your project will be undertaken in detail at which point discussions and alterations will be made in order to reach the final design stage. 


5. Final Design - finalising the design and making last changes in implementation before we begin building/installing. 


6. Implementation - Building and Installation for Architectural Services,  Delivery of Furniture and Implementation of Built-ins in Design Services. 

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